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Pink MahogHany: A Good Fragrance Calls; An Exceptional Fragrance Whispers.

September 5, 2014

My first TRUE podcasting experience!

I was honored to have Chavalia Mwamba, founder of Pink MahogHany Fragrances, as a guest on my radio show.  Chavalia and I became acquainted through the social media platform, Twitter.  She currently resides in Texas; a state that I am very familiar with having been born in Dallas, Tx.  Prior to going live I had the opportunity of chatting with her via Google Hangouts, a great medium to hold virtual conferences and meet-ups if aren’t familiar with it.

Pink MahogHany’s birth was self-inspired.  Chavalia, suffered from many allergies growing up and was determined to find not only a fragrance that she could wear comfortably, but others could be comforted by.  Her mission to create a phthalate-free “life” fragrance began! 

Years later, Chavalia finds herself participating in events like BET Awards with endorsements from Samantha Goldberg (Tv,Host).  Her both niche perfumes and “life” fragrances (vehicle/home/business) spray are luxury scents enjoyed by thousands without putting their health at risk. 

Her newest fragrant, French Cuffs will be launching soon.  Make sure you check out her website for any specials or upcoming events:  If you live in the LA area and plan on attending the blogger workshop: Discover. Cultivate. Monetize: A Digital Influencers Lab, look for her samples in your attendee gift bags!

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