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Head-to-Toe Beauty with Elise Minton

September 9, 2014

Join me as I go inside the life of New Beauty Magazine, Executive Beauty Editor, Elise Minton.  We sit down to discuss, Head-to-Toe Beauty with their latest summer/fall issue. 

First a little background on Elise Minton.  Elise joined NewBeauty, the definitive authority on all things beauty, in 2005. Working her way up from editorial assistant to senior beauty editor, she became the magazine’s executive beauty editor in 2008.  In this position, she brings her own creative spin and new ideas to the brand.  Amongst staying on top of all beauty and plastic surgery trends, writing features, representing the brand for broadcast television appearances and much more!  Elise displays her wealth of knowledge with me here on my show. 

We covered an array of topics.  After all, the show was, Head-to-Toe Beauty!  My favorite articles in their current issue are:

  • Makeup with Benefits

  • How Your Skin Changes at Each Decade
  • Get Your Best [Hair] Color Ever
  • Nature's Most Powerful Ingredients

Yes, I have the in-scoop on all of these!  Elise shares her personal favorite hair products, which aren't too expensive so, you will want to rush out and buy them immediately.  She also confesses to noticing her own skin changing at the turn of 30 and what she did about it.  

A lady, always wants to look fresh and young, while emitting a natural glow about her.  In this podcast you will not only know how to keep your youthful glow, but what to do as the years pass to prevent and prolong your inner beauty to glow that much more as you age. 

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