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046: Using Google Analytics To Enrich Your Content

February 4, 2019

Working with both brands and influencers to help them launch their online business is something we are very fond of doing. Over the years of consulting, we've been asked several questions on how to successfully using Google Analytics to enrich content. One way is to get officially trained through their Analytics Academy.

Here you can receive a certificate of completion on any course by passing with a 80% of higher. Or, you can listen to this short podcast where Cheryl breaks down some very simple tips to guide you through to a better understanding and get you on your way.


In this podcast you will learn: 

1. What a bounce rate means.

2. Gain a clear understanding on how pages are performing.

3. The benefits of using a link shortener.

4. The one page on your website that should be clear and concise. 

A note on our podcasting event, we did just host our "How To Podcast" workshop.  However, we still have our upcoming Podcast Bootcamp which will provide you with one-on-one training on how to fine-tune your voice, interviewing style and 1 live podcasting session for you to leave with. Stay connected with us @unitesocially for details on the time and date. 

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