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Curating Social Content For Your Fashion Show with RoseMarie Macklin

Curating Social Content For Your Fashion Show with RoseMarie Macklin

November 8, 2017

Fashion designer, RoseMarie Macklin shares her tips for curating social content for your fashion show on my latest episode of The Skinny On Beauty produced by Unite Socially

As a women I know what women go through to look nice and feel confident in what they wear. When I met fashion designer, RoseMarie Macklin the struggle for feeling sexy in swimsuit wear seemed a lot less dramatic!  

In this podcast we discuss social media tips for curating your fashion show content. So, if you are preparing for any type of event where you will be showcasing your products or fashion pieces and what tips on how to spread the word virally this podcast is for you. 

Rosemarie Macklin is a proud Jamaican women from the busy city streets of Kingston where fashion was an everyday aspiration. Rosemarie is a fashion designer and owns a boutique called Si Mee located in Las Vegas Nevada. She strives to design garments that can be worn by women who want to make statements.  Her designs are sought out through many Avant guard stores across the world. Si Mee Collection is a  brand for “women who make things happen.” 

I was honored to get to sit down with this beautiful women and talk about her goals as an female entrepreneur and get insights on how she made the bold decision to start to live her dreams at the young at of 50 years old.  



The entire show is jam-packed with great marketing strategies but here are some of my favorite questions & answers asked:

4:59 How did your passion for fashion begin?

19:52 What social platforms should you start showcasing your designs on? 

21:53 How long before you launch do you need to have your social strategy set up? 

22:37 What do you showcase on your Instagram stories?

24:14 Find out how to get a FREE Si Mee Collection piece sent to you!

26:37 How do you decide what photos to post during a fashion show?

27:48 Is using location on your posts important?


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What was your favorite tip that you heard in today’s show? Please share any of your tips for curating engaging content on social media. Comment below with your advice, feedback or questions.

RoseMarie's Inspirational Quote:  “Life happens once and there's no redo so make it happen." 



How To Create & Edit Makeup Tutorial Videos With Erin Kelly

How To Create & Edit Makeup Tutorial Videos With Erin Kelly

July 11, 2017

VIDEO is the new buzz word! I know you have all seen the trends for video marketing across every major social media platform, but how do they do it without spending major bucks on a video editor? 

Erin Kelly is a makeup artist from North Carolina and is here to share her secrets to making affordable and engaging makeup tutorial videos.  Erin started her journey to become a makeup artist 5 years ago when she started attending The Academy of Makeup Arts in Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly after her graduation, Erin started posting her models and looks of the day on social media platforms. After gaining some new clients from posts on Instagram, she created a YouTube channel where she began to teach herself FinalCut Pro editing software.

In the interview below Erin shares what tools within the program she uses to edit her videos and tips on setting up the perfect booth for shooting your videos.  Lighting is everything when gaining the perfect shot because without the right lighting no one will be able to focus on what you are saying or doing.

I know that learning a new software program can be intimidating so, please feel free to also check out these great video marketing apps that might make it easier for you to create fresh video content. One that we both like is Hyperlapse. It will allow you to speed up your video so you may provide your entire look and post it on Instagram. Another great video app is Filmorago. This is comparable to iMovie and will allow you to trim, crop and edit your videos.

There are so many different options for creating video today, so finding the one that works for you shouldn't be hard. Following advice from professionals like Erin will help carve your path to success on both the editing and camera side of learning how to craft beauty tutorials that will educate and engage your fans. 



How To Launch A Successful Beauty App with Chad Law

How To Launch A Successful Beauty App with Chad Law

May 17, 2017

App development now that's a new thing for me! However, how to launch a successful beauty app (once the development is over) that is something I can talk about all day long. Chad Parker Law, VP of Sales & Marketing at Joiful shared the stage with me to discuss his expertise in this area.  Chad and I had the best time together inside OC Talk Radio's studio in Orange County, CA discussing anything and everything about digital marketing.

Are you curious on how to get started on your marketing efforts for a new application launch?  Or would like some fresh ideas on how to market an existing application and/or product?  Maybe you've tried a few techniques and they haven't been working for you.  If so, the podcast and video below will greatly help and inspire you to re-think your current strategies.

Chad shares with us the most common mistakes that "beautypreneurs" aka marketing professionals in the beauty space make when doing their product development. These fresh out of the box ideas will help you target your online consumer. He gets excited to share his passion for helping entrepreneuers look fabulous through Joiful's services, which we all could benefit from.

Plus, learn Chad's "kissing cousins" technique in marketing and how to break down your branding to niche consumer markets so you are speaking directly to your audience and meeting their needs.

Joiful offers beauty & wellness services for busy professionals.  They launched late last year (2016) in Los Angeles,CA and have now spread their much demanded services to reach the Orange County market. Imagine the possibilities of having a beauty or wellness service come to where you are! For all my Skinny On Beauty listeners and readers enjoy 50% off until June 15th by using promo code: SKINNY50. To download the app and get started just search for "Joiful App" within your Google Play store.

You may also watch the live interview. --->

What was your favorite tip that you heard in today’s show? Do you have any successful social media marketing tips to share? Comment below with your advice, feedback or questions.

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Snap Chat Tips For Your Jewelry Business With Nasim Nelson

Snap Chat Tips For Your Jewelry Business With Nasim Nelson

April 17, 2017

Snapchat is the latest craze for millennials.  Understanding how to use it to grow your jewelry business is the best kept secret until now! Nasim Karina Nelson of Lebrisa Designs has been using not only Snapchat, but every social media channel, to grow her online jewelry business.  In the past 2 years she has sky-rocketed her sales from utilizing Instagram and Snapchat with models to showcase her famous handmade custom jewelry.

Nasim uses the platform with her brand ambassadors to create sales.  They showcase her designs on their channels and majic happens.  You will see everything from chokers, lariats and body jewelry; head, hand, foot, head and bra.  Nasim is widely known for her bra pieces which are the most intriguing swag and perfect for festival season like, Coachella. Everything is hypoallergenic and nothing is plated.

In this podcast you will get the scoop on her latest designs and strategies for using Snapchat to grow her business. Nasim and her sister Nakisa Katrina Motamedi (also model) hold nothing back.  They are great visionairs and invite you in on the past, present and future of Lebrisa Designs.

What was your favorite tip that you heard in today's show? Do you have any successful social media marketing tips to share? Comment below with your advice, feedback or questions.

How To Be A Successful Artist With Wendy Buiter

How To Be A Successful Artist With Wendy Buiter

March 21, 2017

I remember my first art class. I was so excited to create something of my own.  I listened carefully as the teacher explained to us what we needed to do.  I gathered all of my supplies, sat the closest to the inspirational piece she hung at the front, turned on all the imagination my little brain could handle and went to work.  After I was done I felt so proud, but knew I was not an artist.

I have so much appreciation for the trade. I love seeing art unfold before me.  Taking a stroll through Venice beach is one of my favorite things to do because all types of art collide.  You either have the knack or don't.

Wendy Buiter has the knack.  Wendy is a contemporary artist who creates beauty and fashion inspired art. Her models are typically powerful women who exude confidence.  Wendy has been in the beauty industry for several years and was once a makeup artist.  She unfolds her story in the interview below. She has experienced so much life and has accomplished many of her dreams as being an artist.  I love the tips that she offers up for other creators to pull from. 

My favorite part of the interview is how she leverages Instagram to showcase her art and get work.  Wendy explains how Instagram has really helped her grow as an artist and get her work noticed by major players world-wide.  She has such a passion for what she does.  You can hear it radiate through her voice.

Check out the portrait she did of me below.  The process was seamless and I'm so happy with the way it turned out.  Actually, I just got it in the mail!  Looking forward to hanging it in my home.

Get Wendy's full story, Instagram tips and some of her favorite beauty products by listening to the podcast.

Secrets To Being Sexy & Successful With Tina Aldatz

Secrets To Being Sexy & Successful With Tina Aldatz

January 28, 2017

Tina Aldatz, CEO of Savvy Travelers sits down with me to share her secrets on being a sexy and successful entrepreneur.

Chances are that if you are reading this blog you are a serial entrepreneur or love the world of beauty. Possibly both!  Being the CEO of a digital marketing agency (Unite Socially), interviewer, blogger, active yogi and an awesome auntie makes me a pretty busy bee. In-between client meetings, staff collaborations, writing, events, interviews and yoga class I find it hard to breathe much less keep my appearance fresh.

Last year, I was invited back to StyleCon as an influencer.  While I was there I came across the Savvy Travelers booth.  Quick and convenient were my first two thoughts.  Spread across the table are hundreds of designer beauty wipes with their motto, "No water. No problem."  By the time I left their booth I felt like I just took a shower! After a long day of networking and snapping photos, these tiny travel-size wipes were Godsent.

During this interview we touch on Tina's upbringing, her love for fashion, her drive to overcome life's hurdles and what it was like to build a 14 million dollar company!  Listen to get all her tips on how to stay sexy and successful in whatever business you are in.

If you find that you too could use some beauty designer wipes for on-the-go use promo code: "skinny" for 20% off when you buy online at Savvy Travelers. 

Finding Peace On & Off Your Mat With Christy Curtis

Finding Peace On & Off Your Mat With Christy Curtis

January 6, 2017

Yoga guide and mindfulness coach, Christy Curtis sits down with me to talk about finding peace on and off your mat.

As we settle into a new year and embrace all the positive possibilities that are to come I am reminded to pause and find joy in each thought.

If you are anything like me, I can so easily become overwhelmed with a new beginning that I am fearful to take the first step towards change. I have found that regardless of what I do or how much I want to resist change it is inevitable. I've also learned that fighting change is arguably more toxic than the change itself.

With the holiday's now past I can all breathe a bit easier, but the question still remains, has the stress really stopped or just transferred?

I know I am not alone when I say I live in constant turmoil.  And not in the chaotic, traditional sense, but a state of mind that is constantly on the go.  One flighty thought to the next, my mind just never shuts off unless I make it.  Finding time to center my thoughts within so I can make space for the world and those I love around me I know is essential.  That's why I find tools. Easy exercises that I can practice to make my mind (yet life) a bit more balanced and at peace.

Therefore, to kick of 2017 I sat down with yoga guide and mindfulness coach, Christy Curtis to talk about all of this and much more. In the podcast below Christy explains what yoga is, how it can help you manage stress and the keys to being mindful so you can live your best life!

Flocked Cosmetics

Flocked Cosmetics

July 24, 2015

FLOCKED Color Cosmetics are 100% pure filtered minerals that are skin friendly, non-comedogenic and contain no harsh ingredients, dyes or chemicals. FLOCKED Cosmetics deliver long wearing, easy to apply color without compromise! 

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