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Badger Balm: The Story Behind Organic Body Care Products

Badger Balm: The Story Behind Organic Body Care Products

December 29, 2014

What natural herbs & oils are best used in organic body care products? I've got Badger's 'Essential List' to create natural, glowing beauty all year round with organic body care products and balms.

My interview with family-owner and co-founder of Badger Balm was fascinating!  I had the great pleasure to sit down with Rebecca Hamilton, one of the most, educated, interesting, inspirational and resourceful guest (yet!) to be on my show!

Rebecca has an extensive background in Botany, which comes in to play thoroughly throughout the show. Pause & don't panic. You won't be bored!  Rebecca, tells the beautiful story of how Badger Balm beauty care products originated.

Entertained from the start!  Rebecca takes us with her as she re-visits her vast travels, that ignited her passion to accurately design the message of Badger, and shares her family's journey to create healing, organic body care products.

Rebecca Hamilton, family-Owner & Co-Founder; of Badger Balm, Organic Beauty Care Products.

Rebecca's knowledge in natural and organic skin care coupled with Botanical science, captivated me! 

I was surprised to learn that Badger Balm was NOT the original name for this organic body care line. Find out what Badger Balm's original (intended) brand name and why the family had to switch it just before launching their line.

Also included in Rebecca's interview,  a detailed look at their new Face Oils.  With tips on finding the perfect oil for your skin type. You'll be inspired to benefit from using mother nature to heal your skin the natural and organic way.


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