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Tricks To Getting Subscribers To Your YouTube Channel with Amanda Bucci

Tricks To Getting Subscribers To Your YouTube Channel with Amanda Bucci

October 14, 2017

Amanda Bucci joined me on-air to talk about YouTube & Fitness. Amanda has over 180,000 subscribers on her YouTube Channel where she is a fitness educator and talks about her personal and professional goals for living a fitness lifestyle. I was thrilled to interview Amanda on The Skinny On Beauty because she was my very first fellow podcaster!

In this podcast we will be offering up digital marketing tips to grow your subscriber list because let's face it, video is where it's at today. Video is the #1 engagement tool for all content.  So if you are looking to get into producing more videos and want to learn strategies that will help you produce rich content and bring more eyes to view it then this podcast is for you.

The entire show is jam-packed with great marketing strategies but here are some of my favorite questions & answers asked:

4:26 What is it like to be a paid sponsor for fitness brands?

10:26 How do you track macros & how do they work in with helping us with our body goals?

20:21 How would you suggest to start a YouTube Channel and get your first 1,000 followers?

24:00 How do you make your title searchable?

27:14 How to use social media platforms to drive traffic to your YouTube video?

29:10 What one strategy always works for you to boost video views?

31:18 How did you grow your channel in under 3 years "The Boom"


Amanda's Inspirational Quote: "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate it's that we are powerful beyond measure" - Marianne Williamson

What was your favorite tip that you heard in today’s show? Please share your tips for gaining more subscribers to your YouTube channel or inspirational quotes. Comment below with your advice, feedback or questions.

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