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How To Be A Successful Artist With Wendy Buiter

How To Be A Successful Artist With Wendy Buiter

March 21, 2017

I remember my first art class. I was so excited to create something of my own.  I listened carefully as the teacher explained to us what we needed to do.  I gathered all of my supplies, sat the closest to the inspirational piece she hung at the front, turned on all the imagination my little brain could handle and went to work.  After I was done I felt so proud, but knew I was not an artist.

I have so much appreciation for the trade. I love seeing art unfold before me.  Taking a stroll through Venice beach is one of my favorite things to do because all types of art collide.  You either have the knack or don't.

Wendy Buiter has the knack.  Wendy is a contemporary artist who creates beauty and fashion inspired art. Her models are typically powerful women who exude confidence.  Wendy has been in the beauty industry for several years and was once a makeup artist.  She unfolds her story in the interview below. She has experienced so much life and has accomplished many of her dreams as being an artist.  I love the tips that she offers up for other creators to pull from. 

My favorite part of the interview is how she leverages Instagram to showcase her art and get work.  Wendy explains how Instagram has really helped her grow as an artist and get her work noticed by major players world-wide.  She has such a passion for what she does.  You can hear it radiate through her voice.

Check out the portrait she did of me below.  The process was seamless and I'm so happy with the way it turned out.  Actually, I just got it in the mail!  Looking forward to hanging it in my home.

Get Wendy's full story, Instagram tips and some of her favorite beauty products by listening to the podcast.

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