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Branding In The Beauty Industry With Megan O’Brien

Branding In The Beauty Industry With Megan O’Brien

December 2, 2015

Meet Megan O’Brien. She is the founder of Beauty Brander, a full service marketing and PR company that specializes in beauty, beverage, lifestyle, fashion, and celebrity collaborations. Read ahead as she shares how she went from the founder of the #1 beauty review blog in the county to the founder of a successful marking service.

Back in 2005, Megan launched the first makeup blog around, Meg’s Makeup. The idea blossomed when she realized that the only makeup reviews available were the ones coming from Amazon. Since then, she has gained over 10,000 readers and followers on her blog and has gotten to opportunity to meet and connect with some of the most elite beauty professionals around.

Utilizing her talents, skills, and love for cosmetics she created Beauty Brander. Basically, if you have a product, an idea, or need any advice on how to improve your beauty creations then Beauty Brander is the place to go. From the concept, to copywriting, marketing, getting it on the shelves, or getting it on the air, this company can help you through it all. One of the most important advice Megan shared is that in order to have a successful product, make sure that it's a product that will stand out. People want something that is new to the table.

A product she is currently working with, youthH2O. For those of you who have not heard about them, it is a one shot superfood drink that helps enhances hair, nails, and skin glow. It contains organic ingredients such as camu camu, a fruit with one of the highest vitamin C properties, purple corn that is packed with antioxidants, and maca. When she was first presented with this product, one of the problems they faced when marketing youthH2O was the taste. With time and collaboration, they were able to come up with its delicious new flavor, Blooming Apple, which is said to taste similar to Jolly Rancher’s sour apple. Megan recommends to mix the blooming apple with vodka and some ice to create the “youth-TINI.”

Another product that Megan talks about is called VanishMax. It is known as the fastest weave removal system in the world because the string that attaches the weave is pear-based and can be easily dissolved with the supplemental spray.

Find out more about Megan's tips to making it to the top, what makes her tick and her all time favorite quote by listening to her interview below.

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