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How To Balance Life With The Art Of Blogging With Zuma Ayriyan

How To Balance Life With The Art Of Blogging With Zuma Ayriyan

October 20, 2015

It was a beautiful day in Costa Mesa, California when I got to sit down with Zuma Ayriyan founder of Splash of Teal, a fashion and lifestyle blog.  I met Zuma at the Poolside Pretty blogger happening event here in Orange County.  Her passion for blogging and drive to succeed as not only an immigration attorney but as a blogger was refreshing to hear and definitely inspiring.  To have and hold the tools for becoming a successful blogger and balancing a traditional career are hard to keep centered.  This is where I knew I should have Zuma come on my show.  To share her drive with not only the industry baby bloggers but the dinosaurs of our era too.

During her days Zuma works as an Immigration attorney where she focuses on working with refugees and at night attends blogger events.  As a blogger myself I know  that one of the hardest things to do is not only get yourself to attend an event but then do the coverage on the event for your blog.  This part - where inspiration and motivation gets lost is what we will be covering during today's interview.  How do you stay motivated to cover events on your blog?  Why do bloggers get lost somewhere between passion and purpose?  

The lifestyle of a blogger can vary depending on what kind or type of a blogger one is, but the purpose remains the same.  At some where down the line every blogger I have interviewed has had a drive, a reason to find that missing piece within themselves that allows them to connect with like-minded "socialites" and carry that moment with them online.  There's an art and passion in writing and every blogger I know starts here. 

For Zuma, she has found a way to meet herself midway and fuel her creative approach to life with blogging and fashion.  Her key to success and motivation is just a click away.  Listen to her stimulating interview below and find out how she stays inspired to develop her blog and carry herself to new heights.

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