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The Culprits of Anti-Aging with Dr. Sorato & Dr. Meli

The Culprits of Anti-Aging with Dr. Sorato & Dr. Meli

March 2, 2015

Every woman desires to know the key to anti-aging.  What triggers sun spots, fine lines and discoloration?  How do we fight the aging process?  There is no one answer for this question, but there are ways to regain youthful, flawless skin through organic ingredients and scientific advances.

Dr. Sorato and Dr. Meli, founders and developers of Kleem Organics, tell us how to get back luminous skin on today's show!

Both Dr. Sorato and Dr. Meli are driven by scientific research to discover the genes in DNA that are modified by the environment.  Most importantly, to take this research and apply it to their skin care line, Kleem Organics and benefit the beauty in other's.

Both doctors graduated with Honours during their scientific research and have developed a skin care line that nourishes the skin from the inside-out.

On today's show they explain  what the main culprits are for aging skin and how their intensive rejuvenating vitamin C serum can benefit the skins appearance.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to interview 2 men that are truly passionate about enriching the lives of other's through positive affirmations and organic ingredients.  Find out their secret to living stress-free by decreasing the level of stress in your life to obtain inner-beauty that shines!

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