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Cash For Fashion

Cash For Fashion

June 3, 2014

Yes, it's true. You can GET CASH for your old, used clothing.  Listen to my latest interview with Buffalo Exchange store manager, Caitlin Collier! 

Buffalo exchange carries new and recycled clothing.  Their vintage selection can be small, but it's affordable!

I grew up in Orange County and I remember stumbling across Buffalo Exchange, for the very first time...It was love at first shop!  They are still a staple "go-to" for me many years later!  

How the time flies!  I can't believe that they are now celebrating their 40th anniversary! In honor, a few of the buffalo crew team is touring a huge, 1969 Airstream trailer around the country, visiting each chain, (30 total!) and bringing specially curated vintage and Western wear, brand swag, and cake! 

The Buy-Sell-Trade mecca makes it easy for you to know what's not only new in the store, but what each location is looking to buy and stock each store with.  You can find out all the details when you visit their website.  Don't miss their $1 clothing sale, which happens once a year as well.  

All these details and much more, listen now!

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