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Episode 49: Using Podcasts To Grow Your Business

Episode 49: Using Podcasts To Grow Your Business

May 29, 2019


Cheryl Hawley shares 4 tips on how to grow your business through podcasting.

In a world where Instagram is the main social app to search for and find not only influencers but joint ventures have you ever wondered how to stand out from the crowd? Well, we have a couple pointers for you in this podcast. Spoiler alert, you have to think about content that will boost your engagement.

Whether you are on the consulting side of things as a entrepreneur looking for more work and partnerships. A brand looking for more influencers and collaborations or a influencer looking to build your credibility and content marketing - Podcasting is a great tool for you to use.  In this 49th episode Cheryl tells you why. 

These tips are not to tell you how to start your own podcast.  If you are interested in launching your own podcast and are local to Orange County, please check-out Cheryl's podcasting bootcamp.  If you aren't local and still want to learn how to podcast, join Cheryl's waitlist for her online podcasting course here. More details coming soon. 

What we have for you today is how just being a guest on someones podcast can grow your business, reach and credibility with the right strategy and mindset in place.

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Building Self Esteem In 2019 With Debbie Corley

Building Self Esteem In 2019 With Debbie Corley

January 9, 2019

Having actual self esteem in the age of digital hangouts can be challenging.  Often, we find ourselves looking to see how many comments or likes a post that gets to validate our feelings about being socially vulnerable. This is just the modern day attachment to self esteem in a virtual world. However, what about life occurrences before the web which might have affected how we felt and viewed ourselves? 

Debra Corley founder of Tulifts, a sports bra insert, has had many challenges in her life which she could have allowed to negatively shape her identity.  Instead, she chose to embrace her life by helping to empower women to feel and look great. Debra opens up in my exclusive interview about her lifelong lessons from being born with scoliosis and living through years of domestic violence.  She shares her own path to finding self esteem and some very actionable tips. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

The story of how Tulifts was born

Understand what scoliosis is 

Support for unhealthy relationships

Manage your stress levels

Tools for building self esteem 

Ideas for self discovery

Tips for perseverance as a entrepreneur

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