How To Create & Edit Makeup Tutorial Videos With Erin Kelly

July 11, 2017

VIDEO is the new buzz word! I know you have all seen the trends for video marketing across every major social media platform, but how do they do it without spending major bucks on a video editor? 

Erin Kelly is a makeup artist from North Carolina and is here to share her secrets to making affordable and engaging makeup tutorial videos.  Erin started her journey to become a makeup artist 5 years ago when she started attending The Academy of Makeup Arts in Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly after her graduation, Erin started posting her models and looks of the day on social media platforms. After gaining some new clients from posts on Instagram, she created a YouTube channel where she began to teach herself FinalCut Pro editing software.

In the interview below Erin shares what tools within the program she uses to edit her videos and tips on setting up the perfect booth for shooting your videos.  Lighting is everything when gaining the perfect shot because without the right lighting no one will be able to focus on what you are saying or doing.

I know that learning a new software program can be intimidating so, please feel free to also check out these great video marketing apps that might make it easier for you to create fresh video content. One that we both like is Hyperlapse. It will allow you to speed up your video so you may provide your entire look and post it on Instagram. Another great video app is Filmorago. This is comparable to iMovie and will allow you to trim, crop and edit your videos.

There are so many different options for creating video today, so finding the one that works for you shouldn't be hard. Following advice from professionals like Erin will help carve your path to success on both the editing and camera side of learning how to craft beauty tutorials that will educate and engage your fans. 



Secrets To Being Sexy & Successful With Tina Aldatz

January 28, 2017

Tina Aldatz, CEO of Savvy Travelers sits down with me to share her secrets on being a sexy and successful entrepreneur.

Chances are that if you are reading this blog you are a serial entrepreneur or love the world of beauty. Possibly both!  Being the CEO of a digital marketing agency (Unite Socially), interviewer, blogger, active yogi and an awesome auntie makes me a pretty busy bee. In-between client meetings, staff collaborations, writing, events, interviews and yoga class I find it hard to breathe much less keep my appearance fresh.

Last year, I was invited back to StyleCon as an influencer.  While I was there I came across the Savvy Travelers booth.  Quick and convenient were my first two thoughts.  Spread across the table are hundreds of designer beauty wipes with their motto, "No water. No problem."  By the time I left their booth I felt like I just took a shower! After a long day of networking and snapping photos, these tiny travel-size wipes were Godsent.

During this interview we touch on Tina's upbringing, her love for fashion, her drive to overcome life's hurdles and what it was like to build a 14 million dollar company!  Listen to get all her tips on how to stay sexy and successful in whatever business you are in.

If you find that you too could use some beauty designer wipes for on-the-go use promo code: "skinny" for 20% off when you buy online at Savvy Travelers. 

Tips For Reducing Stress With Dr. Erin Stair

February 1, 2016

Dr. Erin Stair is founder of Blooming Wellness a holistic health consultation service based in New York City, that specializes in stress reduction and natural healthy lifestyle changes.  Dr. Stair invented ZENBands and ZENTones as easy ways people can reduce their stress levels while on-the-go.  

Branching out on her own from a family of doctors Dr. Stair focuses on public health and preventative medicine.  Eager to provide affordable and effective ways to prevent disease and promote wellness her search began within when she started researching ways to conduct sound therapy and healing the senses.  

Living in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world, Dr. Stair gathered all her research and invented ZENBands and ZENTones; when combined is a daily program for healthy living. 

ZENBands are trendy headbands with inserted lightweight speakers designed for sound therapy.  There are various colored ZENBands to choose from so, you can feel confident wearing yours throughout the day.  They are meant to wear while listening to one of the ZENTone programs.
Blooming Wellness offers 6 different ZENTone programs to assist you deal with every day life stressors.  You can find help for anxiety, stress, headaches, depression, sleep and much more! 

Learn more about the science behind Dr. Stair's ZENTones, brain wave frequencies, her favorite program and how to achieve a restful state by listening to my interview with her below. 

Branding In The Beauty Industry With Megan O’Brien

December 2, 2015

Meet Megan O’Brien. She is the founder of Beauty Brander, a full service marketing and PR company that specializes in beauty, beverage, lifestyle, fashion, and celebrity collaborations. Read ahead as she shares how she went from the founder of the #1 beauty review blog in the county to the founder of a successful marking service.

Back in 2005, Megan launched the first makeup blog around, Meg’s Makeup. The idea blossomed when she realized that the only makeup reviews available were the ones coming from Amazon. Since then, she has gained over 10,000 readers and followers on her blog and has gotten to opportunity to meet and connect with some of the most elite beauty professionals around.

Utilizing her talents, skills, and love for cosmetics she created Beauty Brander. Basically, if you have a product, an idea, or need any advice on how to improve your beauty creations then Beauty Brander is the place to go. From the concept, to copywriting, marketing, getting it on the shelves, or getting it on the air, this company can help you through it all. One of the most important advice Megan shared is that in order to have a successful product, make sure that it's a product that will stand out. People want something that is new to the table.

A product she is currently working with, youthH2O. For those of you who have not heard about them, it is a one shot superfood drink that helps enhances hair, nails, and skin glow. It contains organic ingredients such as camu camu, a fruit with one of the highest vitamin C properties, purple corn that is packed with antioxidants, and maca. When she was first presented with this product, one of the problems they faced when marketing youthH2O was the taste. With time and collaboration, they were able to come up with its delicious new flavor, Blooming Apple, which is said to taste similar to Jolly Rancher’s sour apple. Megan recommends to mix the blooming apple with vodka and some ice to create the “youth-TINI.”

Another product that Megan talks about is called VanishMax. It is known as the fastest weave removal system in the world because the string that attaches the weave is pear-based and can be easily dissolved with the supplemental spray.

Find out more about Megan's tips to making it to the top, what makes her tick and her all time favorite quote by listening to her interview below.

Cash For Fashion

June 3, 2014

Yes, it's true. You can GET CASH for your old, used clothing.  Listen to my latest interview with Buffalo Exchange store manager, Caitlin Collier! 

Buffalo exchange carries new and recycled clothing.  Their vintage selection can be small, but it's affordable!

I grew up in Orange County and I remember stumbling across Buffalo Exchange, for the very first time...It was love at first shop!  They are still a staple "go-to" for me many years later!  

How the time flies!  I can't believe that they are now celebrating their 40th anniversary! In honor, a few of the buffalo crew team is touring a huge, 1969 Airstream trailer around the country, visiting each chain, (30 total!) and bringing specially curated vintage and Western wear, brand swag, and cake! 

The Buy-Sell-Trade mecca makes it easy for you to know what's not only new in the store, but what each location is looking to buy and stock each store with.  You can find out all the details when you visit their website.  Don't miss their $1 clothing sale, which happens once a year as well.  

All these details and much more, listen now!

What It Takes To Operate An Online Retail Boutique

February 18, 2014

What does it take to operate an online retail boutique?

Special guest Shelby LaPlante, CEO and owner of Avalynn James takes you inside her fashion and fame as a young entrepreneur in the fashion business. 
Shelby's passion for success is non-stop!  She is constantly planning for the next BIG pop-up or trunk show.  Find out how she stays motivated and what she does to stay current on the latest fashion trends. 

My Blow LA: OC & LA’s hottest blow dry bar!

February 5, 2014

Gretty Hasson, owner of Myblow La - A Blow Dry Bar is one busy lady!  

Hasson's family run business is just one of many projects she is capable of juggling successfully.   Gretty not only owns two 'Blow Dry Bars' in both Orange and LA County, but operates a full service salon (the H Salon) in LA and (are you ready from this?) works full-time in the music industry!  "I work in my sleep," she said as my jaw dropped in disbelief.  
Respect from the start!  I was honored with the opportunity to sit down with Gretty and talk beauty, hair and the life of a booming, female entrepreneur. 

If you are like me and don't have a clue what a blow dry bar is - You will by the end of this podcast.  Not only will you understand the benefits of regularly visiting one, but you will fall in love with the convenience of it. 

Lea Frazier: Secrets For Being A Successful & Happy Entrepreneur

January 8, 2014
I had the pleasure to sit down with Lea Frazier from High Heeled Style & Think Brite Be Brite on goal setting, the key to happiness & the art of blogging! 
Lea is a successful fashion & inspirational blogger.  Lea's company Think Brite Be Brite (TBBB) believes everyone has what they need to sustain happiness.  However, it does require some work!  Not to worry, her courses have already been tested, compiled & ready to deliver you personal results.  All you have to do is be willing to take the time discover YOU!
Listen to Lea's journey as a blogger & entrepreneur.  Find out why she started her fashion blog and the benefits that transpired from it.
What do you do to stay inspired or maintain a positive outlook?  
Share your advice in the comment section -  I'd love to hear them!
Thank you for stopping by The Skinny On Beauty.  Until next time, stay beautiful Orange County!
 Listen now!